Saint Laurent Rive Gauche: Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution: Saint Laurent- Rive Gauche book.
Saint Laurent Rive Gauche: Fashion Revolution book.

“I tell myself that I have not gotten far enough away from fashion, from haute couture, and I hope that this field will change even more profoundly… That the stereotypes will explode, as they have in every other domain” Yves Saint Laurent, February 1969.

The Saint Laurent legacy all began on Rive Gauche, 21 rue de Tournon, Paris in 1966. This book is beautiful for focusing on Saint Laurent’s store’s influence from 1966 till 1972. The setting is brought to life with it’s simplicity to read and the vintage photographs newspaper and magazine articles featuring Yves Saint Laurent. The bright colored cover serves as a wonderful coffee table book for anyone to skim through. Must have for every French fashion fan, YSL lover or passionate fashionista.

-Eman Alami


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