Design in the Heart of LA: Martha Miller

11999795_758242750970977_6546017584613847293_oYesterday, October 15, I had a delightful experience meeting and hearing a lecture from the co founder Martha Miller of Lefty Productions co, a contracting company located in downtown LA.

Miller’s career in the design world started when she began a maternity line back, when she realized that in Los Angeles there was no single factory to do all the contracting/manufacturing work for young designers, she had to go to separate places to get a garment sewn, cut, patterned and etc. That’s where she got her inspiration to start her own contracting factory in LA in 2012.

Martha Miller’s advice to young/new designers:

  1. When designing a garment and you already find something similar to it at a existing retailer, bring it in and do alterations on the existing garment and bring your sketch to help bring it to life.
  2. Customers at a contracting factory should come prepared and calculate all costs before hand.
  3. Social media is changing the design world, don’t feel hesitant to create a few pieces and not a whole collection to any future buyers. Rather, every piece of work needs to be photographed well and be something consumers would want to purchase.

-Eman Alami


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