#Girlboss- Sophia Amoruso

My candid images of Sophia Amoruso

_DSC2948.JPGLast month, Sophia Amoruso visited Santa Monica, California as  part of her Girlbus tour. Amoruso is the author of #Girlboss but more importantly she is the founder and CEO of Nasty gal. I was very fortunate to be in the audience, hear her powerful words on topics like career, relationship and dream following. I also got a paperback copy of #Girlboss! I finally finished the book and here are some reasons why #Girlboss is worth reading.

  1. #Girlboss is not a prep for the fashion industry rather it’s a book that gives advice for girls of any industry to make an impact in this world, to take risks, be creative, stay original and a girl who knows she wants to take charge of her life.
  2. This book becomes much more relatable and inspirational for many girls when Amoruso talks about her personal struggles, thoughts, life experiences and her inspirations. It proves how much hard work Amoruso dealt with to make Nasty gal a success.
  3. I love how #Girlboss’s chapters are broken down into important topics whether it’s about becoming a #Girlboss, shitty jobs, being mindful, spending habits, employment tips, finding creativity in everything and the list goes on.
  4.  This book is written in an easy to follow format. It’s lovely how Amoruso wrote this like she is face to face with her audience, speaking street language. It’s a type a book that anyone of any language level in English can understand. It doesn’t have any complicated vocabulary!

Here are some of my favorite quotes that I took into heart from this book:

“Treat your mind like money; Don’t waste it.”

“Learn to create your own opportunities. Know that there is no finish line; fortunate favors action.”

“I’m telling you that you don’t have to choose between smart and sexy. You can have both. You are both.”

“There are some folks who straight up hate work… Unless you’re born the child of a billionaire, work is something we all have to do. So hell, make it something you enjoy, because bored is not a #GIRLBOSS’s natural state.”

“Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.”


-Eman Alami





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