Cohesion: A Trend Worth Trying

Vogue November 2015

Burberry Spring 2016 Menswear

Gucci Spring 2016 Runway Show

Lately,the biggest trend for both men and women is cohesion. Both genders get a chance to intertwine and mix, borrow from each other style aspects. The gender stereotypes in fashion are beginning to fade and there is a give and take between masculinity and femininity. I believe this is a great moment in fashion history because we are in a world in which inspiration is always present and both genders should be allowed to be inspired from each other. Examples of this has been best shown in Gucci and Burberry’s Spring 2016 collections. Notice how both men and women can wear bright colors, flowers, silks and lace. In fact, it’s like they both share the same closet!

This is excellent since it makes fashion fabrics, textiles and certain silhouettes acceptable for both genders and making the fashion world more gender neutral. Without either gender having to worry about looking either too “masculine” or too “feminine.” Phrases like those put a halt in how one believes to dress. It limits creativity from either gender to want to dress a certain way. Fashion should have unlimited options. Dressing up should be about representing one’s true self because fashion is a person’s second skin and everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin.


-Eman Alami


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