Shop With a Mission

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If you love fashion with a cause, ethnic fashion, helping those in need in parts of Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia,  then consider Shop With A Mission.

It is a nonprofit organization that supports free trade and small businesses and tribes in the fashion industry. All of the products sold are made by hand and with every purchase  there is a tag that says where the product was made, who made it and where the money goes to.  GUILT FREE SHOPPING! It is never a negative to get products that are made with fair and well made labor.  In the fashion industry there are already many corporations that have their workers under harsh conditions, low wages and polluting the environment. Shop at a place where you are doing a little  more conscious and at the same time benefiting the poorer people who aren’t having those tactics in practice.

Today I was very fortunate to be able to attend an event in Glendora, CA and discover this wonderful organization and get a few pieces for myself!

Check out their website: 

-Eman Alami


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