The Leopard

“Be the swan surrounded by a lake of frogs.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.44.54the_leopard__claudia_cardinale_1963The_Leopard_rgb062910leopard718Gorgeous Italian film. It is highly recommended film for lovers of fashion history.  This film is about the 1800’s unification of Sicily with the rest of Italy, so you get to learn some Italian history and language for 3 hours.
Visually the film is beautiful, not only for the Italian landscape. I love the costume design of the Victorian era with the mix of italian bright colors. The men’s top hats, tail coats and military uniform, and the women’s bright colored dresses whether it was for the everyday or the ball gowns. Stunning!

It’s interesting how much this film has analogies to the Virgin Mary and how many themes are symbolized with History of Italy and Spain, Italian Artwork and Catholicism.

-Eman Alami


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