The True Cost

The True Cost directed by Andrew Morgan is an insightful documentary on the cost of fast fashion. This documentary primarily highlights the flaws of the current system in the fashion industry.

After watching this documentary, I have been inspired to be more of a conscious consumer and buy quality not quantity, thus I will do my best NOT to shop at fast fashion brands.

Some important facts to consider from the documentary:

  •  The fashion industry is the second industry in the world responsible for polluting our planet, the first is the oil industry.
  • 3% of clothing in the USA is made in the USA, 97% outsourced. In the 1960s 97% of clothing was produced in the USA.



  • In the fast fashion stores (H&M, Wal-Mart…etc) the workers (in places like Bangladesh, China, Cambodia) have harsh working conditions, low wages and no alternatives are made because the governments of those countries want to keep prices to low to keep having business.
  • 40 Million workers in Bangladesh are mainly women in the garment industry and make less than $3 a day!
  • Clothes that are made with harsh, non degradable material can’t be recycled and end up in landfills.
  • The GMOs and other harsh chemicals are having an impact on our environment. They pollute rivers, contaminating the soil of cotton fields and it causes brain tumors to men working in agriculture.

With all these problems in the fashion industry the only current solutions for a consumer are to buy more expensive clothes or conscience clothes made from organic materials. Another solution can be from the corporations themselves by raising prices of their clothing.

To learn more about the The True Cost– Check out their website- The True Cost


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