Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It’s Luster

Dana Thomas wrote one of the best books I’ve ever read when it comes to the combination of everything is to know about the Luxury business. It stretches from how small businesses became corporations, the mass production of luxury goods to appeal to the middle class, the loss of authenticity and where the luxury market stands today in our economy. I personally loved it because it was a big overview of the luxury industry, it wasn’t one sided towards a particular part in luxury or one brand. It covers the costs to making couture, ready to wear, handbags, and fragrance.

The important topics Deluxe covers:

  • History of fashion brands like Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and etc.
  • The brands corporations like LVMH, Prada and Gucci Group control and the growth of corporation in luxury fashion.
  • Luxury brands influence on tourists like in luxury shops opening in Las Vegas and Hawaii and the growth in flagships around the world like in Japan, Russia and China.
  • Celebrities influence on fashion
  • History of the fragrance, silk and handbag industries
  • Costs it takes luxury brands to make products and mark up pricing
  • Influence of the online luxury shopping like Net-a-Porter
  • Counterfeit industry in China, New York and LA.

Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It’s Luster is a book to read for anyone interested in the luxury side of the fashion industry because the high fashion industry is what influences the other classes in fashion like the middle, low and fast fashion industry.



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