IT by Alexa Chung is a beautiful, short book of what encompasses the typical “it” girl like her favorite movies, muses, music, makeup advice, fashion advice and life advice. Chung writes this book as if the reader is reading her diary. Chung lists her life experiences that shaped her like fashion shows, modeling, festivals and etc.

My favorite parts in the book was when Chung made her personal experiences relatable like describing meeting Karl Lagerfeld, she pretended to act nonchalant but in the inside she was terrified! A sweet quote her mother used to tell her to understand heartbreak “Nobody goes through life without having their heartbroken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay.” Those are sentimental words everyone needs to hear during a heartbreak. My last favorite story is  Chung explaining how she got up to her signature style. Like how it took years for her to discover her personal style by a process of elimination and trying out what silhouettes worked best for her.

The best part about this book are the personal touches like Chung’s personal photos and the Polaroid photographs along with the cute sketches. Amazing read for any Alexa Chung fan.


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