The Art influences of Gucci

Spring 2016, hasn’t gotten any less fabulous due to the abundance of art influences of one fashion house. Gucci. Thanks to Alessandro Michele.

When I first watched the Gucci spring collection this year, I loved the amount of silks, floral motifs and ruffles.  I thought of a  fashionable traveler finding the ways with her map skirt to discover and pick up the fashions of Asia.  However, to my discovery Alessandro Michele, put a lot more artistic influence than what meets to my eye.

Here is only ONE look and the list of inspirations it took make on the Gucci Spring 2016 catwalk:gucci2_glamour_23sep15_getty_b_720x1080


Bomber Jacket- 1920s Amelia Earhart

ecef48be677e81e594271e56d483919f   The embroidery silk technique used in Japanese Edo era.

A 2216
The pink bows are similar to the ones of the rococo French era. Potrait of Maria Teresa of Austria by Anton Raphael Mengs 1771.
Imacon Color Scanner
The silk map skirt is a sea map of Scandinavia from Carta Marina by Antony Lafreri,1572.

To read the original article from British Vogue, with more information written by Lauren Milligan (AKA Where I got my art facts from), click the link below:

British Vogue Link