Chanel Inspiration

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Chanel Salzburg 2015 Metier’s D’Art collection is still my inspiration for what I consider to be endlessly chic. Despite the change in season from fall to now spring, it’s a collection that stands strong in my heart. I love the ruffled sleeves, high collared sweater in Chanel’s signature black and white palette. Colors and details that never go out of style to me.

Outfit Details:

  • Pants- Philosphy
  • Sweater Top- Aliexpress
  • Cuff Bracelet- vintage Chanel (Thanks mom)
  • Choker- Kate Spade New York

Parisienne Whisper


Our dreams live in old cinema, black and white

Our mouths aren’t sharp, our minds are wide.

Mystery is our disguise

Go on, fantasize

Elegance is our friend

not our teeth, hair or things we wear

It’s the way we walk, who wouldn’t give us a glare?

We hide between flowers and give sharp stares

We find beauty within, look outside, it’s everywhere.

I heard the Parisienne’s whisper


be seen and escape like thin air

We’re always in our thoughts

It’s natural to sound enriched and profound

We don’t care

Reigning Men-LACMA

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Impeccable menswear at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art) for the “Reigning Men” exhibit, for anyone who loves fashion, menswear, or history to show how much fashion has evolved. What’s special about this exhibit is not only because it features 200 looks but it shows present day clothing from designers like Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ralph Lauren, Issey Miyake, Jeremy Scott and many more with their historical influences.  It’s a exhibit that’s easy to follow because all the eras are in chronological order, one sees the changes of how menswear got simpler in some eras and more colorful in others. This exhibit covers mens fashion from the 18th century till the 21st century from places like the USA, France, England, Scotland, Belgium and Austria.

My personal favorite parts of the exhibit is seeing the detailed embroidered gold coats of the 18th century and I am a sucker for Regency and Victorian fashion. It’s a dream come true to see those pieces of clothing come to life.

It’s another perspective to see historical clothing in person than drawings and paintings in books. I highly recommend visiting the “Reigning Men” Exhibit.

For more information on the exhibit click on the link below:

Photography- Gucci Inspired Look


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Follow up on my last blog post, I have been loving the Gucci spring 2016 collection with a passion. I have decided to embark on finding a similar dress from their collection, with success I have found one dress with similar qualities like the pearl buttons, black ribbon and pink ruffles. The silhouette is the same, except the Gucci version  of the dress in color is more of baby pink tint and mine is more of a blunt, vibrant interpretation of pink. Of course the quality of the dress on Aliexpress does not compare to the quality of Gucci. For an affordable dress, this one is fabulous for it’s price! I love it!

Check out Aliexpress to find the dress under Women’s dresses, search runway inspired.