Fashion Buyer Averyl Oates


In fashion, there are always new emerging designers trying to find their way to the world searching for their target market and there is the opposite side of the spectrum of old designers rebranding themselves or worse, or  going out of business. All competing for the consumers attention. Who is responsible for  designers new or old to find their targets? The people that go undermined are the people behind the scenes. Yet they are a crucial step for a designer. These people are the fashion buyers.
A fashion buyer is responsible for buying merchandise for a brand boutique, corporation based department stores, independent boutiques and vintage shops. A buyer also strategically sets trends for a store to follow, decides a store’s set up, advises other staff and other buyers, discovers new designers and makes deals with designers, all in order to maximize profit for a store and give a chance to new designers.

I have chosen a buyer to study more in depth for my current fashion buying course, she’s an English woman and her name is Averyl Oates. Oates served as the commercial buyer for Galeries Lafayette in Paris from 2013-2015. Oates oversaw all operations, oversaw men’s, women’s’, accessories and children’s wear and even the expanding of the department store to China in Galeries Lafayette. Oates is an interesting case, because she rose to her position in fashion through her experience in the industry like serving as a buyer in Donna Karran and Harrods without having a fashion degree.


Click the link  below to view the powerpoint to learn more about Averyl Oates:

Al-alami. Eman. Averyl Oates.F5







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