Princess de Brogile- Fashion and Art Confession

Ingres, Princess de brogile
Working Title/Artist: Princesse de Broglie Working Date: 1851-53


The painting, “Princess de Brogile” by Ingres (1853),  I confess is a masterpiece I have to glance at everyday. It reminds me of the importance of effortless beauty, in which I am in constant search of finding. In the portrait the hair is up, her calm/mysterious smile, posture and the richness of the blue and gold in her beautiful dress and jewelry. Ingres painted this woman with high photorealism qualities. It sparks wonder that makes me on how he managed to get the richness of her dress to be like a photograph. This is a painting I am highly passionate about.

Princess de Brogile, in my eyes has qualities in which I see myself wanting to achieve, the mysterious smile and high fashion quality. It’s highly sophisticated in my eyes to be able to stay calm while being happy. It’s always beautiful to be admired when spending more on an outfit. I love the hidden mystery of the hair being kept up, one can tell a lot about a woman if her hair is long or short. One can’t tell her hair length. I love her big eyes, because she’s looking at something but having thoughts. She’s looking with intelligence. It all comes together naturally. 

It’s a shame that this painting was completed when de Brogile passed (some debate whether her sudden death was caused over alcoholism, no one knows for sure), this was a portrait was commissioned by her husband kept in his possession to keep her spirit, beauty and the love he had for her alive in his heart.
I think one of my greatest findings before the dawn of my adulthood (20) is finding and growing in my passion of the arts. Finding the comparison of it’s hidden messages to impact my life.

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