Dior and I- Documentary


        Dior and I,  this documentary highlights the behind the scenes effort to make a Haute Couture collection. Specifically, the first collection by creative director Raf Simons for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. All created in 8 weeks. It takes an enormous amount of effort and time to create such a collection because Simons works with the Dior atelier he barely knows at the time, he takes the time to visit modern art museums and study Dior’s classics like the “New Look” to revamp Dior.



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 In addition, to all the pieces having to be sewn by hand and painted by hand to prove Dior’s pure artistry in the fashion industry. The atelier has to work day and stay up long nights before runway presentations. I like to think this documentary is an ode to Dior and give the world an inside take of the high fashion industry. It’s not the designer who comes up with the collection, but it’s the designer falling under pressure with a corporation’s time and budget. Simons had to design in an effective time frame and work under Dior’s design budget. Not only is there pressure for Simons to prove he can design clothing but if his clothes can create a rave for the company and get all the work done to analyze every piece before the presentation. 

        My favorite part of the collection is when Simons took inspiration from Jeff Koons to make a flowered walls for the runway and the clothes were inspired by art work he read about in the New York Times.



       I loved Simons personality, he’s such an intellectual yet a introverted man, it’s refreshing to see that personality in the fashion industry. He took such a risk to go from designing men’s ready to wear to women’s haute couture. What a transformation.

I never realized the amount of effort that goes into couture for the atelier, couture is the true art piece in fashion. That’s why this documentary is worth watching.


*It’s important to note- Raf Simons is not the creative director at Dior anymore, he left in October 2015.



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