Christian Dior

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Christian Dior by Francoise Giroud and Sacha Van Dorssen is a coffee table book that goes in depth on the founder/designer Christian Dior. In February 1947, when Dior presented his collection  “Corolle and “Huit” other wise known as “The New Look,” coined after Harper’s Bazzar editor Carmel Snow. Dior had become a superstar overnight. His success lead him to be one of the top 5 best known people in the world.


The New Look became an instant success around the world, especially for the working American women. Although women loved “The New Look” their husbands did not. Dior himself received death threats from American men in Texas and Iowa because they didn’t believe Dior’s approach to fashion was modest.




Christian Dior born in 1905 in Granville. The man himself Christian Dior worked in fashion without having a steady career path. Dior originally is from an aristocratic family that was known for owning factories in chemical products. Dior originally wished to study architecture in an arts school but his parents opposed the idea and opted for him to study political science. Dior still found himself doing something artistic on the side like studying music and art. Dior eventually owned an art gallery on  Rue de la Boetie with his partner Jean Bonjean on the condition that his name “Dior” could never be the name of the gallery.  It wasn’t until 1929 when the Dior family had is troubles, his brother Raymond fell into illness, his mother passed away and the stock exchange of 1929 along with bad investments ruined the Dior family. Dior later found himself selling the gallery and work in the gallery, seeking offers of new work and eventually Dior gained recognition by designer Jean Ozenne and sold 6 of Dior’s sketch designs at 20 francs each. Dior’s life has begun as a sketch artist and his involvement in Le Figaro magazine along with his sketches for Piguet his life as a designer has begun. All the experience at Le Figaro and designing at Piguet lead him to opening his own design house a few years later. In 1957, at the age of 52, Christian Dior passes away and leaves all the design management to the young apprentice Yves Saint Laurent.

Within a few years after The New Look, the House of Dior alone in the 1950s accounted for “75% of French fashion exports”(Giroud). Now, Christian Dior is a well known name all around the world, having boutiques from Paris, New York, Beirut, Tokyo, Beijing and the list goes on. In 1985, Bernard Arnault acquires Christian Dior and is now apart of the Moet Hennessy (LVMH). Christian Dior is such a precious company, that after Raf Simons departure, there still hasn’t been a new creative director.


NOTE: This book is published in 1987, so it only has information and photos from Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Bohan. Majority of the photographs are in black and white. It’s the kind of book, for one who treasures more of the historic, beginnings of Dior. All the statistical data in the book is for perspective during the 1940s.till the 1980s.  This book does not serve the complete the full history of Dior from 1940s till now.


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