A Tribute- Bill Cunningham


Bill Cunningham: New York, is a fabulous documentary I started my morning with to honor the legendary street photographer who passed last week. Cunningham worked for NY Times, Women’s Wear Daily and the Chicago Tribune.

Bill Cunningham is a legend in photography because he is responsible for popularizing street photography. In fashion, he photographed the ordinary people on the streets of New York. Aside from the celebrities, runway shows, and elite society in NYC. Cunningham sought to find beauty on every corner of the world, he wanted to just live for the purpose of photographing clothes. Every time, he photographed an object it was to express the beauty of it. Not to harass or to insult an object. To him that wasn’t in his morals nor associated with his time.

I loved how Cunningham lived to photograph fashion yet he was incredibly humble. He had no ego whatsoever and lived his life casually but with a lot of heart and ambition. Although, he was friended by many of the elite of New York. By watching that documentary, it enforces living life to the fullest with passion by doing it right. Living honest and straight. Beautiful spirit.

I highly recommend watching Bill Cunningham: New York even if one isn’t into fashion or photography, it’s a life lesson on how to live passionately.

RIP Bill Cunninghalm


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