Fashion Buying- Visionary Botique


Jewlery- Of Rare Origin, All clothing- Vivetta



(^Above is the power point presentation of my visionary boutique)

Fashion buying is the way in which new designers get their big break in having their designs sold to the public, its one step closer for a brand to become a household name. However, buyers can’t showcase all new designers at the same time in one boutique if any resemble the other because a buyer does have a budget plan to follow when it comes to ordering a designer’s garments from a collection. A buyer does her/his best job to choose designers that are new and well known plus having a designer’s vision match with a boutique’s aesthetic to reach a target market. Well known designers are chosen in a boutique because it reassures a boutique that a consumer will purchase the “staple” designer because of the well established prestige and it is typically a boutique’s money maker. A buyer’s purpose in the fashion industry is to have a good eye for new/upcoming fashions, maintain a budget for orders and to choose pieces that resemble the boutique’s vision. If a buyer fails to make a sufficient profit for the order decisions he or she has made at the end of a period of time, then he or she could possibly loose their job.

Boutiques are also crucial to the fashion industry because every boutique has a different vision on fashion aesthetic, it can serve to become a home to where certain designers can gain a fan following and it can become a destination store for certain designers. I was a student in a fashion buying course in college and my final project was to create a boutique to reach a specific target market, selecting a few pieces from unknown/upcoming/new designers. I based my boutique around women whom love color, femininity, versatile pieces and sophistication but at a  price point that is for the upper middle class. I made sure clothing didn’t reach more than $1,000 and accessories didn’t reach more than $2,000. I choose a mix of pieces from Ellery, Vivetta, Of Rare Origin, Reformation and Self Portrait. These brands are all high quality, not outrageously expensive, feminine and versatile fun pieces. Reformation was part of the goal to find pieces that were fashionable yet eco friendly/green which is a bonus to ethical fashion.

I put my presentation above to show a small snapshot of the philosophy behind a buyer’s thinking process and to present the uniqueness of every brand while showing how they can be presented in a store together.






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