An Eye for Romance

Final Result. Dress- Runway Life.

Fashion photography. It’s when the camera is the eye as to fashion is it’s subject.  When art meets fashion, it only adds more to the eye. It makes a photograph have more depth by a blend of history, fine art and contemporary fashion. What can beat a more beautiful mix? It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as a portrait or styling on a runway, just a marriage of elements playing off each other.

My final result was a blend of a historic napoleonic figure in art, 2016 spring fashion all captured in a photograph.  View my influences in depth below:

Madam Recamier, Francois Gerard,1805. Inspiration for how I did my hair. 
Portrait of Madam Recamier, Jacques Louis David,1800. Where I got my inspiration for my pose.

Juliette Recamier (1777-1849) daughter of a banker was one of the elite during the napoleonic/revolutionary/regency period. Her salon was popular for the arts and politics, it soon attracted many royalists during the 19th century. Recamier was known for being beautiful, hospitable and had a good income. Recamier was friends with Madame de Stael who wrote about politics, she did have an interest in intellectualism but didn’t write or have enough quick wit. When Napoleon gained power in Paris, she was ordered to be exiled with her husband, she moved to a convent in the meantime until she moved back to Paris when Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo.

Recamier is known for her beauty by attracting many powerful suitors which ironically became her long term friends. It’s notable to consider the men she attracted like Prince Augustus of Prussia, Benjamin Constant and Lucien Bonaparte (yes, Napoleon’s brother). Recamier was an astounding beauty to have attracted two great generals during the day, Napoleon Bonaparte and Duke of Wellington. But, she rejected them both.


Gown inspiration. Gucci Spring 2016.

The empress silhouette with the playful,elegant and antique elements of the embroidered birds and flower appliques is the winner of romanticism. It ties back to the sweet and soft feeling Recamier gives in her portraits.

Note: Empress silhouette is named after Empress Josephine, a silhouette gown she was known for wearing and popular during the regency era. It’s a dress that is tight on the bias and loose under.

Sources: Book- Napoleon & Wellington, Andrew Roberts







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