About- Eman Alami

Eman Alami experimenting with Victorian/Gothic fashion
Eman Alami experimenting with Victorian/Gothic fashion

Eman Alami is currently a liberal arts student at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, California. Alami’s interests in fashion include styling, photography, history and blogging. She feels ready to contribute, experiment and learn about the fashion world. Alami will always find time to share information on her personal experiences and education of fashion.Other than fashion, Alami has a love for art, music, French and literature, she’ll do her best to keep on learning and contributing to all that catches her eyes. This is finally the time where she can combine all her skills into one cohesive blog.

To know more info on Eman Alami’s life follow her on instagram: Emanalami.


About- Femme De Fantaisie

Femme De Fantaisie is French for Fantasy woman in English, the purpose of this page is to educate fashion through an artistic yet educational point of view to make inspire anyone’s fashion fantasies. My mission through my blog is to provide inspiration and key fashion education through my experience working in the fashion industry. I’ll do my best to set sparks for fantasy fashion girl  whose ready to stun.