Branding Within Branding


As I was looking through Harper’s Bazzar’s September issue and I came across a Calvin Klein fall 2017 ad. I instantly thought of Las Meninas by Velasquez (1656). It’s not surprising that fashion takes it’s influence from art and vice versa. It’s clever for a brand to advertise using references to themselves. Calvin Klein became a world renowned brand because of their controversial, sexy billboards, TV and magazine advertisements.


Las Meninas, Velasquez, 1656.

The art history concept of branding within branding is present. Notice how Velasquez is painting a royal portrait and includes himself in the work? Velasquez is branding himself as an accomplished artist by giving himself credit with the task of painting the portrait of the Spanish royal family. This trend continues with another piece, At the Moulin Rogue by Toulouse Lautrec (1895). Toulouse Lautrec includes himself in his own artwork as a man of the people. Lautrec was influenced by the night life in Paris and he responds by including what he see’s and himself interacting with the people in the night scene. Lautrec gives himself credit of his daily life inspirations. Velasquez and Lautrec include themselves as another way of branding themselves as artists.


At the Moulin Rogue, Toulouse Lautrec, 1895

This all relates back to the Calvin Klein fall 2017 ad campaign, in which the models are posing the new fall collection while a billboard of the past spring Calvin Klein season is in the background. As a reference to how Calvin Klein got famous while including the new vision of the brand under Raf Simons.






Design Principals

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Tag Worldwide

Advertisements are inescapable in this day in age, they’re on the internet, television, the radio, newspapers, magazines and etc. All these advertisements are trying to get our attention to consume what is being presented to us. It can be a ad campaign to support a particular cause, a company believes in or to spark controversy to gain free publicity. Advertising does its job right when people are talking about a particular brand’s product or advert because it gets their name out there. However, has it ever came to one’s mind to think how an advertisement is laid out visually? Our eyes follow a certain path when looking at any ad, whether it was the brand or message in the center, a girl’s shape shape in a horizontal direction, a pyramid shape of man’s figure and the list goes on. It’s important to recognize the different techniques in advertising because it was a marketing tactic to catch the target market’s attention and product/service they are advertising.


Design Principles PowerPoint, Here is my PowerPoint  on the visual principals of advertising, each slide presents an advertisement and the design principle. A design principle of advertising is the technique presented in an advertisement to capture where a viewer’s eye travels.