Books are the essential to every home, it doesn’t only make the owner seem more intelligent and cultured but it adds a touch of a personal touch of sophistication. Assouline is a book retailer that specializes in creating chic libraries, selling books in fashion,interior design, architecture, cooking, photography and vacation spots. Assouline was founded by a French couple Prosper and Martine Assouline in 1994, they got the inspiration to create a  book publishing business after the couple’s first book, La Colombe D’Or was published. Assouline’s survival through the internet age is astonishing because their differentials are unbeatable compared to ordinary bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Vromans. In fact, their competitors carry Assouline books.


What makes Assouline special is their services of creating custom libraries for their clients, complete with books, artwork and furniture. They’ve kept their level of prestige by publishing as few as 50-60 books per year, some books produced have a small quantity of a few thousand copies, some books come in limited edition boxes, shelves, cases from brands like Chanel, Coach, MCM and Goyard, their book price points range from $25- $4,500 which creates a wide atmosphere of accessibility for their customers.



Assouline is still expanding their brick-n-mortar locations, they so far have 20 locations and 5 offices in places like Paris, New York, Seoul, Istanbul and Costa Mesa. They’re goal is to open 4 additional stores every year with a grand total of 50 stores worldwide in the next 10 years.



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Here is my photo of the store’s exterior in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA. I highly recommend visiting their store because of the inviting, sophisticated and classical atmosphere.



Here is the attached PowerPoint Presentation on Assouline’s founders, iconic books published at Assouline, statistics and fun facts- Assouline. To purchase or get a wider perspective on Assouline visit