Blue Eyes

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Blue eyes surround and devour me.

Scarcity of guidance, I abruptly ignored.

Hurt of haste, dismissing the key to let me be.

I’ve mistaken what it means to be adored.


The unknown beauty of a throb.

When they cry, tears of pearls roll down.

The most precious stone came from sores.

With heads high upon the heaviest of crowns.


From this day on, daylight is when they’ll be adorned.







Books are the essential to every home, it doesn’t only make the owner seem more intelligent and cultured but it adds a touch of a personal touch of sophistication. Assouline is a book retailer that specializes in creating chic libraries, selling books in fashion,interior design, architecture, cooking, photography and vacation spots. Assouline was founded by a French couple Prosper and Martine Assouline in 1994, they got the inspiration to create a  book publishing business after the couple’s first book, La Colombe D’Or was published. Assouline’s survival through the internet age is astonishing because their differentials are unbeatable compared to ordinary bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Vromans. In fact, their competitors carry Assouline books.


What makes Assouline special is their services of creating custom libraries for their clients, complete with books, artwork and furniture. They’ve kept their level of prestige by publishing as few as 50-60 books per year, some books produced have a small quantity of a few thousand copies, some books come in limited edition boxes, shelves, cases from brands like Chanel, Coach, MCM and Goyard, their book price points range from $25- $4,500 which creates a wide atmosphere of accessibility for their customers.



Assouline is still expanding their brick-n-mortar locations, they so far have 20 locations and 5 offices in places like Paris, New York, Seoul, Istanbul and Costa Mesa. They’re goal is to open 4 additional stores every year with a grand total of 50 stores worldwide in the next 10 years.



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Here is my photo of the store’s exterior in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA. I highly recommend visiting their store because of the inviting, sophisticated and classical atmosphere.



Here is the attached PowerPoint Presentation on Assouline’s founders, iconic books published at Assouline, statistics and fun facts- Assouline. To purchase or get a wider perspective on Assouline visit

Design Principals

Tag Worldwide
Tag Worldwide

Advertisements are inescapable in this day in age, they’re on the internet, television, the radio, newspapers, magazines and etc. All these advertisements are trying to get our attention to consume what is being presented to us. It can be a ad campaign to support a particular cause, a company believes in or to spark controversy to gain free publicity. Advertising does its job right when people are talking about a particular brand’s product or advert because it gets their name out there. However, has it ever came to one’s mind to think how an advertisement is laid out visually? Our eyes follow a certain path when looking at any ad, whether it was the brand or message in the center, a girl’s shape shape in a horizontal direction, a pyramid shape of man’s figure and the list goes on. It’s important to recognize the different techniques in advertising because it was a marketing tactic to catch the target market’s attention and product/service they are advertising.


Design Principles PowerPoint, Here is my PowerPoint  on the visual principals of advertising, each slide presents an advertisement and the design principle. A design principle of advertising is the technique presented in an advertisement to capture where a viewer’s eye travels.





Los Angeles Fashion Week

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Last week, I was extremely fortunate to be apart of the volunteer crew for Los Angeles Fashion week. It was from Sept 28-Oct 2. I helped out with social media, center of house and set up/clean up. I couldn’t have been anymore thankful for the experience and the people I have met.

Above is a photo gallery of my best runway photos from my SLR Nikon camera with the caption of each designer.





An Eye for Romance

Final Result. Dress- Runway Life.

Fashion photography. It’s when the camera is the eye as to fashion is it’s subject.  When art meets fashion, it only adds more to the eye. It makes a photograph have more depth by a blend of history, fine art and contemporary fashion. What can beat a more beautiful mix? It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as a portrait or styling on a runway, just a marriage of elements playing off each other.

My final result was a blend of a historic napoleonic figure in art, 2016 spring fashion all captured in a photograph.  View my influences in depth below:

Madam Recamier, Francois Gerard,1805. Inspiration for how I did my hair. 
Portrait of Madam Recamier, Jacques Louis David,1800. Where I got my inspiration for my pose.

Juliette Recamier (1777-1849) daughter of a banker was one of the elite during the napoleonic/revolutionary/regency period. Her salon was popular for the arts and politics, it soon attracted many royalists during the 19th century. Recamier was known for being beautiful, hospitable and had a good income. Recamier was friends with Madame de Stael who wrote about politics, she did have an interest in intellectualism but didn’t write or have enough quick wit. When Napoleon gained power in Paris, she was ordered to be exiled with her husband, she moved to a convent in the meantime until she moved back to Paris when Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo.

Recamier is known for her beauty by attracting many powerful suitors which ironically became her long term friends. It’s notable to consider the men she attracted like Prince Augustus of Prussia, Benjamin Constant and Lucien Bonaparte (yes, Napoleon’s brother). Recamier was an astounding beauty to have attracted two great generals during the day, Napoleon Bonaparte and Duke of Wellington. But, she rejected them both.


Gown inspiration. Gucci Spring 2016.

The empress silhouette with the playful,elegant and antique elements of the embroidered birds and flower appliques is the winner of romanticism. It ties back to the sweet and soft feeling Recamier gives in her portraits.

Note: Empress silhouette is named after Empress Josephine, a silhouette gown she was known for wearing and popular during the regency era. It’s a dress that is tight on the bias and loose under.

Sources: Book- Napoleon & Wellington, Andrew Roberts






The Gentleman’s Art of Dressing


The Victorian “dandy” style, the era of fashion ranging from 1837-1901, with many rules to makeup the qualities of the proper English gentleman.”The Gentleman’s Art of Dressing with Economy” by A Lounger At The Clubs, was written in 1876 is a men’s guide for dressing well with a limited budget. It’s more than fashion menswear book, it’s a historic document for fashion.The reader will realize that in the beginning of this book onwards, it’s expected that a man should constantly repair clothes of good quality, visit a tailor and have clothes hand sewn for assurance of the best quality.

The first order of business is to know how the author defines economy, “whereby the prices of all articles of consumption should be familiar in one’s mouths as household words all the year round… It means the art of getting things cheap”(16).


This book is divided into different sections for menswear and an added bonus of grooming! There’s even a section on umbrellas. Even UMBRELLAS were a vital part of a man’s outfit. Here is a summary of advice for every article of clothing:

  • Coats- This chapter is organized with different coats and when it’s appropriate to wear each one, for example the Cutaway Coat is recommended for everyday wear and the Norfolk jacket is for general country wear.  However for all coats there is a constant color recommendation of black and dark blue. No matter what the coat is, be prepared to spend money for proper quality, “[A] coat be of inferior quality, it gives the wearer a poverty-stricken look” (34). The most important factor to determine the appropriate coat is by looking at the length of it, “the regulation length of skirt of morning coat may be determined by letting the arm fall to the side, with fingers extended. Then the ordinary skirt is level with the tip of the middle finger” (36).
  • Waistcoats- “Waistcoats should invariably be of the same material as the coat. Vests are best made without collar or with a dummy one- that is, the outline of it, designated either by braid or stitching. Take my advice, and have four pockets in every waistcoat” (51). This chapter discusses the occasions and difference in quality between a double breasted waistcoat, white vests and chamois leather for waistcoats.
  • Trousers- To find the perfect pair of trousers is to visit a tailor and have them made to measure but to save extra money it is smarter to select fabric at a wholesale cloth shop. The recommended fabric is strong tweeds. The perfect fit is determined by cut, “trousers should be cut to fall straight from the knee with a slight spring over boot. The width over boot is invariably one inch and a half wider than knee measurement’ (60.) For extra care, it’s suggested not to wear the same pair of trousers for two consecutive days.
  • Boots- The purpose of this chapter is to let a man know his boots should be made by a bootmaker, made to measure and hand stitched. It’s recommended for a man NOT to wear the same pair of boots within a two day period. “Materials for boots- for dress boots, patent leather; for dress morning boots, porpoise hide; for ordinary walking, calf skin” (67).
  • Hats- “To wear a shabby black hat is a sign of poverty; to wear a shabby white one indicates proceedings in bankruptcy” (72). As always recommended by the author, a hat is an item to pay good money for and to take care of the brim the hat show always be placed face down. To save money, leather of the hat should be renewed.
  • Shirts- When deciding to purchase a shirt, it is strongly advised not to purchase an already made shirt. Rather, one should have a shirt be properly cut, have a proper measurement of breast and neck for the perfect fit.
  • Gloves- “To have gloves dyed any colour than black is a waste of money; then they should be two sizes too large for you, as they are safe to shrink in the process” (83).
  • Ties- “No tie or scarf can be neater than plain black in silk or satin” (83).
  • Jewelry- “Beyond a gold chain for watch, I do not see the necessity for any. In these days of aluminum and oroide, gold studs and links cease to be ornamental, and are better replaced by mother-o’- pearl” (88). The rest of this chapter talks about the beauty of quality jewelry for men, the author strongly advises against fake gold, jewels and low quality watches.
  • Grooming “The Toilet”- “The hair should be shampooed every day in domestic bath… The best cosmetic for gentlemen is soap; and the best soap is plain unscented yellow or elder flower if you prefer it” (97).
  • Umbrellas- “The best stuff for wear is Italian twilled silk; and I advise my readers to have two umbrellas, one for real work on confirmed wet days, the other for dress occasions; and both should be kept throughly clean, and all mud spots removed therefrom by the use of sponge” (91).



Although the author of this book remains anonymous, it is clearly written by a man who has vast knowledge by attending social events, studying fabrics and trends all over England during the Victorian era.


Au Naturel- Curly Confession


Inspiration for outer beauty can be challenge find. It is not purposeful to blame oneself in because it’s not easily found. Inspiration from everyday beauty standards being shown in magazines, advertisements, videos and celebrity photos doesn’t necessarily fit everyone’s inspiration of beauty. If one identifies with any of the 21st century beauty standards there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if one doesn’t feel apart or identify with the modern beauty trends, one must does his or her research into finding the right stepping stones for finding his or her inspiration for outer beauty.

I’ll openly admit like many others with naturally curls, I wasn’t always so confident over wearing my natural ringlets. With the outside influences in society like between the girls around me at school, my mother and what media portrayed as beauty. I always found myself straightening my hair out. One day (many years later), when I read one book on Josephine de Beauharnais Bonaparte, my world completely changed.  I became obsessed with the way she looked and how men at the time described her for her beautiful skin and natural curls. She was one of my first influences of outer beauty inspiration and I began to I research heavily into the hairdos of the Regency era (even some Victorian too)!

When I discovered the beauty of the Regency era, I then discovered the beauty of up dos and having natural curls. That’s when I found the balance of natural beauty and elegance. It was heavily fashionable during the Empire era to have curls, every woman had ornate jewels, braids and up do buns. I love the simplicity of only having pearls in the hair to bring the style from everyday to a formal look.

Regency era, hasn’t been better captured on film than Jane Austen film adaptations.  I look upon them not only for the morals of Austen novels but for the fashion of the time that brings me to the ultimate fantasization.  My personal favorite hair styles were from Elizabeth Bennet’s character in Pride and Prejudice, from both adaptations of 1995 (Jacqueline Ehle) and 2005 (Keira Knightley). However, hair styles were similar in other Austen films like Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility. My one exception to Jane Austen has to be Anna Karenina film adaptation (starring Keira Knightley), it’s even more glamourous, voluminous and elegant that adds more beauty than a standard straight haired bun.

Since, my inspirations have captured my heart, I have been leaving my hair in it’s natural form and only find ways to enhance my curls. Like simply putting pearls in it or trying my best to find hair comb jewels. Natural beauty should be the characteristic that radiates the world, but spending time and money to enhance your personal style isn’t evil either.

Fashion Buying- Visionary Botique


Jewlery- Of Rare Origin, All clothing- Vivetta



(^Above is the power point presentation of my visionary boutique)

Fashion buying is the way in which new designers get their big break in having their designs sold to the public, its one step closer for a brand to become a household name. However, buyers can’t showcase all new designers at the same time in one boutique if any resemble the other because a buyer does have a budget plan to follow when it comes to ordering a designer’s garments from a collection. A buyer does her/his best job to choose designers that are new and well known plus having a designer’s vision match with a boutique’s aesthetic to reach a target market. Well known designers are chosen in a boutique because it reassures a boutique that a consumer will purchase the “staple” designer because of the well established prestige and it is typically a boutique’s money maker. A buyer’s purpose in the fashion industry is to have a good eye for new/upcoming fashions, maintain a budget for orders and to choose pieces that resemble the boutique’s vision. If a buyer fails to make a sufficient profit for the order decisions he or she has made at the end of a period of time, then he or she could possibly loose their job.

Boutiques are also crucial to the fashion industry because every boutique has a different vision on fashion aesthetic, it can serve to become a home to where certain designers can gain a fan following and it can become a destination store for certain designers. I was a student in a fashion buying course in college and my final project was to create a boutique to reach a specific target market, selecting a few pieces from unknown/upcoming/new designers. I based my boutique around women whom love color, femininity, versatile pieces and sophistication but at a  price point that is for the upper middle class. I made sure clothing didn’t reach more than $1,000 and accessories didn’t reach more than $2,000. I choose a mix of pieces from Ellery, Vivetta, Of Rare Origin, Reformation and Self Portrait. These brands are all high quality, not outrageously expensive, feminine and versatile fun pieces. Reformation was part of the goal to find pieces that were fashionable yet eco friendly/green which is a bonus to ethical fashion.

I put my presentation above to show a small snapshot of the philosophy behind a buyer’s thinking process and to present the uniqueness of every brand while showing how they can be presented in a store together.





A Tribute- Bill Cunningham


Bill Cunningham: New York, is a fabulous documentary I started my morning with to honor the legendary street photographer who passed last week. Cunningham worked for NY Times, Women’s Wear Daily and the Chicago Tribune.

Bill Cunningham is a legend in photography because he is responsible for popularizing street photography. In fashion, he photographed the ordinary people on the streets of New York. Aside from the celebrities, runway shows, and elite society in NYC. Cunningham sought to find beauty on every corner of the world, he wanted to just live for the purpose of photographing clothes. Every time, he photographed an object it was to express the beauty of it. Not to harass or to insult an object. To him that wasn’t in his morals nor associated with his time.

I loved how Cunningham lived to photograph fashion yet he was incredibly humble. He had no ego whatsoever and lived his life casually but with a lot of heart and ambition. Although, he was friended by many of the elite of New York. By watching that documentary, it enforces living life to the fullest with passion by doing it right. Living honest and straight. Beautiful spirit.

I highly recommend watching Bill Cunningham: New York even if one isn’t into fashion or photography, it’s a life lesson on how to live passionately.

RIP Bill Cunninghalm

Princess de Brogile- Fashion and Art Confession

Ingres, Princess de brogile
Working Title/Artist: Princesse de Broglie Working Date: 1851-53


The painting, “Princess de Brogile” by Ingres (1853),  I confess is a masterpiece I have to glance at everyday. It reminds me of the importance of effortless beauty, in which I am in constant search of finding. In the portrait the hair is up, her calm/mysterious smile, posture and the richness of the blue and gold in her beautiful dress and jewelry. Ingres painted this woman with high photorealism qualities. It sparks wonder that makes me on how he managed to get the richness of her dress to be like a photograph. This is a painting I am highly passionate about.

Princess de Brogile, in my eyes has qualities in which I see myself wanting to achieve, the mysterious smile and high fashion quality. It’s highly sophisticated in my eyes to be able to stay calm while being happy. It’s always beautiful to be admired when spending more on an outfit. I love the hidden mystery of the hair being kept up, one can tell a lot about a woman if her hair is long or short. One can’t tell her hair length. I love her big eyes, because she’s looking at something but having thoughts. She’s looking with intelligence. It all comes together naturally. 

It’s a shame that this painting was completed when de Brogile passed (some debate whether her sudden death was caused over alcoholism, no one knows for sure), this was a portrait was commissioned by her husband kept in his possession to keep her spirit, beauty and the love he had for her alive in his heart.
I think one of my greatest findings before the dawn of my adulthood (20) is finding and growing in my passion of the arts. Finding the comparison of it’s hidden messages to impact my life.