Blue Eyes

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Blue eyes surround and devour me.

Scarcity of guidance, I abruptly ignored.

Hurt of haste, dismissing the key to let me be.

I’ve mistaken what it means to be adored.


The unknown beauty of a throb.

When they cry, tears of pearls roll down.

The most precious stone came from sores.

With heads high upon the heaviest of crowns.


From this day on, daylight is when they’ll be adorned.





Parisienne Whisper


Our dreams live in old cinema, black and white

Our mouths aren’t sharp, our minds are wide.

Mystery is our disguise

Go on, fantasize

Elegance is our friend

not our teeth, hair or things we wear

It’s the way we walk, who wouldn’t give us a glare?

We hide between flowers and give sharp stares

We find beauty within, look outside, it’s everywhere.

I heard the Parisienne’s whisper


be seen and escape like thin air

We’re always in our thoughts

It’s natural to sound enriched and profound

We don’t care

English Rose



Liked by all

Heart, known by a few.

Found her heart in words of rhyme

Where else can we place a beautiful mind?
Speaks very little

Language, kind and bright

French is the secret to this art

English rose, you’re a romantic at heart
Fascination with everything

Eyes, express the mind

Hide under no disguise

Beauty’s for the ones with fine eyes
Appreciation of creation

Curiosity, is in her name

Intellect promises a life of change

Pure is exchange for wanting to age


English rose, be the gold no kingdom can own

-Eman Alami