Women’s Empowerment Through Lenses of Queens.

Netflix series, The Crown


Since the American election of Hillary Clinton’s name appearing on the ballot, Theresa May becoming prime minister of the United Kingdom, the second woman to serve that position since Margret Thatcher. Women have voiced their concerns and came together to march all over the world on January 21, 2017. Through the course of these events there has been more cinematography made with a female leaders, all in the purpose to send a message about women’s future roles as leaders and the change of gender roles in society. Shows that celebrate history through virtuous queens like Netflix’s series The Crown which highlights the life of Queen Elizabeth II and ITV’s series Victoria, which is about Queen Victoria’s life as a queen of the British Empire. Although majority of the world isn’t royal, these shows present themes of women’s accomplishments, strength, passion, leadership and determination to provide the best for their nation.While their husbands have greater strength to stand beside their wives and find ways to make their own influences they still have to give up parts of themselves to the women they love.

With the slow process of more women in powerful positions, it creates change in the gender structure. Nowadays in the workforce, women and men are working  and it’s not always an option for a woman to leave her career to support the family. Nor longer does the man have to be the breadwinner of the family, with that in mind. Men have to prove their strength of being in a nontraditional marriage and adapting to tasks that are usually linked with women. The Crown and Victoria represent these changes of gender roles for example in The Crown, notice how Queen Elizabeth II is taking care of political, societal issues and spending most of her time with her prime ministers, as opposed to her husband Philip who has to watch over the children, accompany his wife on her trips around the world and is limited on following his dream of becoming a pilot. It’s hard for Philip because he feels like his wife’s shadow, he can’t pass down his name nor can he and his wife Elizabeth live in their own private home. Ultimately, prince Philip proves his strength by standing by his wife’s actions. But both Prince Albert and Prince Philip aren’t  favored because of how their seen by family and parliament, both parties don’t think they are capable of having a significant role in power, one is seen as a German outsider and the other as having a youthful, too radical personality. It’s their wives love for their husbands that allows them to have more tasks for their country.

It’s encouraging and inspiring for young girl to see a TV drama which presents the direction of becoming an influential, female leader as much as it’s inspiring to see women currently in power on the news like watching the current Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. These messages through media influence girls to believe they are capable of accomplishing anything. But it’s their inner strength, the love of those dearest to them and their job that makes them even more powerful. These shows will leave any girl dazzled with delight that if she works hard, she’ll be living her life like a queen.

ITV, Victoria. Leaders have historically been linked as a male dominated path but in the show Victoria, it’s Queen Victoria’s traits of stubbornness, her inner self will, determination, purity, willingness to learn and her attentiveness towards the people closest to her heart like Lord Melbourne and Prince Albert makes her a genuine leader despite her young age.